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Pelvic Form Hipbelt

The Pelvic Form Hipbelt is made to be adjusted for a perfect size and fit.

Swap out sizes as you and your body change.

Our beautifully designed dual hipbelt fits snugly against your hips, allowing for a precision fit no matter what your shape is.


Pelvic-Form hipbelts come in 4 sizes and micro adjust in length and angle to allow a perfect match to your pelvic size and shape.

Different sizes can be purchased, or if you have the wrong size, they can be swapped for the right size if unused.

Tech Specs

Dual-adjust tensioning allows fine-tuning of the upper hipbelt shaping around your waist and the top of your hips.

Designed to be adjusted to fit all body & hip shapes.

Our Quadro buckle disperses the hipbelt tension over a wider area for tummy comfort.

The tension on the Multi-Flow cord which connects the hipbelt to the sides of the pack can be adjusted to vary the proportion of the packs load transferred towards the front of the hipbelt.

Size Guide

How to measure my hipbelt size:

To determine hipbelt size, measure around the hips at the iliac crest, (the boney part of your hips) not the waist.

Aarn Hip-Belt Size Guide:

Small: Between 64 cm - 80 cm 

Medium: Between 81 cm - 90 cm

Large: 91 cm - 100 cm

Extra Large: 101 cm - 120 cm 

If you are on the cusp, go to the bigger size.

To work out your correct back length, size follow this guide on How to Measure Your Aarn Back Length & Hip Belt Size