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Balance Pockets

1. Balance Pockets attach to the holsters on the hipbelt and thelarge O rings on the shoulder straps. These O rings are free to slide up or down the shoulderstraps so that the shoulders bear no load from the pockets.
2. Balance Pockets have frames to transfer the load onto the hipbelt.
The weight from the Balance pockets on the front of the hipbelt balances the weight from the pack on the back of the hipbelt, reducing or eliminating leverages on the hips.
3. The frames can be bent for big-chested women or men with large tummies for comfort and to create the air gap that eliminates heat build up.
4. The pack's pull-back forces on the shoulders are neutralised by the pull-forward forces from the Balance Pockets. Shoulder straps can be worn more loosely than a backpack (eliminating back and shoulder strain) so that more of the load is transferred onto the hips.
5. The two separate pockets are designed to create a gap between them so that you can see your feet as you walk.
6. The Balance Pockets are attached to the pack before you put it on. They can be left permanently attached or removed for separate use.