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Balance Bags

Aarn Balance Pockets are designed to be attached to your Aarn Pack - check each model for the best Balance Pocket option. Balance Bags are a great way to add a balancing system to a non-Aarn backpack. 

Yes, you can add Aarn Balance Bags to any backpack. The Balance Bags attach via a patented universal attachment system to give users of all brands of pack the experience of a more balanced load. However, Aarn Balance Pockets only work with Aarn Packs; only Aarn Packs are designed with the necessary Balance Pocket attachment points on the hip belt and shoulder straps.

Even without Aarn Balance Pockets, Aarn Packs perform better than other backpacks due to their unique range of features. The slim side profiles reduce leverage on your back, the U Flow shoulder harness system allows free movement, the precision fit is designed for maximum comfort, the high breathability contact parts provide cooling, and the waterproof liners help to keep your gear dry.

Balance Pockets

This is a common misconception; Aarn Balance Pockets don't restrict your vision because you can see your feet in the gap between the pockets. In fact, using Balance Pockets in rough terrain greatly improves your balance, stability and safety. However, we do recommend that Balance Pockets are not used on technical climbing routes.

No, the Balance Pockets should not touch your body. When fitting your pack, custom bend the frames to produce a ventilation gap.

No, they reduce it. A sliding connection to the shoulder straps allows each Balance Pocket to transfer all its weight to the front of the hipbelt.

Yes! Custom bending the frames to suit your contours ensures that Aarn Balance Pockets can be comfortably worn by everyone, including women with large busts.

Familiarity and correct technique make it easy to put on your Aarn Pack and Balance Pockets. We suggest practising a few times to make it quick and effortless.

No, you can achieve optimum arm clearance by adjusting the gap at the top of the Balance Pockets by the top straps, and at the bottom, by adjusting the hipbelt length.

No, the sloping bottom of the Balance Pockets and the hipbelt attachment system ensure that the pockets are high enough for leg clearance.

Yes, they can. Balancing the weight between your front and your back is even more important for the back and reducing force and load, than reducing weight. Our research, alongside Leeds Metropolitan University findings, confirms this. However, like all good sports medicine practitioners, if you are unsure we recommend that you consult a medical professional.

Aarn Balance Pockets are the only solution. The Balance Pockets pull the shoulder straps forward and away from your body at the sides of your chest, eliminating the pressure precisely where needed.

The Balance Pockets stand up really well in river crossings and even act as front flotation devices if you are swept off your feet. helping you to stay face up. However, like all river crossings, you need to undo all chest and sternum straps.

Before crossing the river unclip the chest straps from the X-configuration and reclip the Balance pockets together at the top, with the sternum straps undone.

When your chest needs to be close to a rock or ice face, Balance Pockets can hinder movement and balance. Therefore we do not recommend them for technical climbing. 

However, Balance Pockets have been used successfully for mountaineering on less technical terrain, on successful Everest ascents and the west ridge of Denali in Alaska.

When on a climbing trip, use the Balance Pockets for the approach and remove them for the climb. You can substitute Balance Gear Racks to carry heavy climbing hardware, taking the weight off your shoulders and balancing weight in the pack.

For short moves around a vertical obstacle, the larger Balance Pockets unclip at the top and swing out of the way to the sides, underneath your arms. This allows your chest to be close to the face. Reclip the pockets together when the obstacle is passed.

Pack Fitting

Finding the right pack size depends on your gear choice, activity and length of trip. Please use our seize guide and our Pack and Pocket selector to find the right setup. https://www.aarnpacks.com/pages/how-to-select-your-pack

You will need:

A soft measuring tape and a friend.

1. Tilt your head forward and feel for the bony bump where the slope of your shoulders meets your neck. This is your 7th cervical (or C7) vertebra—and the top of your torso length.

2. Next, find your Iliac Center. This is the point in the centre of your spine that aligns with the highest boney point on your hipbone.

3. Tilt your head back up and have your friend run the tape straight down your spine from your C7 until you reach your Iliac Center

This is your torso length. Check it twice to be sure! Use your torso length to determine your pack size. A full size guide and instructions can be found here https://www.aarnpacks.com/pages/how-to-select-your-pack

To determine hipbelt size, measure around the hips at the iliac crest, (the boney part of your hips) not the waist.

Aarn Hip-Belt Size Guide:

Small: Between 64 cm - 80 cm 
Medium: Between 81 cm - 90 cm
Large: 91 cm - 100 cm
Extra Large: 101 cm - 120 cm 

If you are on the cusp, go to the bigger size.

Our full size guide and measuring instructions can be found here: https://www.aarnpacks.com/pages/how-to-select-your-pack

Slide the sternum adjustors to the top of the 20 mm webs on your Aarn Pack hipbelt.

Slip the toggleat the top of the Balance Pocket onto the O Rings on your shoulder straps below the sternum adjuster. 

Check that the gap at the top of the Balance Pockets allows good visibility of the feet. You can adjust the Toggle to alternative web loops to adjust for different size chests.

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Please see our fill pack fitting instructions — Here

General Questions

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Yes, please note that if a product is not owned by the original purchaser, and/or outside the warranty timeframe, there is a charge for repairs. 

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The Dyneema Gridstop fabric (formerly known as Cuban Fibre) is lighter and stronger for its weight, and is a more expensive material.

The Kodura fabric is our classic material and our most popular option. It is a great sturdy option, while still light in weight.