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Pack manufacturers strive to create products which fit well, and when they do, they call them comfortable. Increasingly, they are now incorporating ventilating backpanels. However load positioning and the additional leverages created by an off-set load are not addressed at all by other brands. Therefore using their products will compromise your balance and posture and will require more energy to carry. Their fixed harnesses will restrict your natural movement. To access most gear needed during the day, you will need to stop and take your pack off.

Aarn Balance packs address ALL the ergonomic factors which impact the body under load. This creates a synergistic effect- a level of comfort and energy efficiency unachieved by other brands. Independent Sports Science findings confirm that you will carry your load with less effort and strain with a Balance Pack. A balanced load is healthier. We have numerous testimonials confirming that those who could no longer hike with their backpacks due to back or neck injuries, or pacemakers, or women with breast surgery or lymph nodes removed have all been able to continue hiking with our Balance packs.