"It doesn't even feel like I am wearing a pack!"


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Aarn Balance Backpacks address all the ergonomic factors which impact the body under load.

Our packs fit many different body shapes and types and are highly adjustable and comfortable (many people have called them "the most comfortable packs on earth," and there have been lots of "it doesn't even feel like you're wearing a pack" accounts from happy customers).  

Our packs have ventilating back panels so you don't overheat, and our Pockets have bendable frames so they have minimal contact with your chest. Because of the combination of an Aarn Backpack and Balance Pockets, all the weight is spread evenly around your centre of gravity, so there are no leverages from an offset load. Your posture and balance are unaffected; you will use less effort and energy when carrying your Aarn Balance Backpack. 

Our U-Flow Harness system means you can move freely and naturally without thought. You don't need to take your pack off to get snacks from your pockets - they're right in front of you! 

This attention to ergonomic detail creates a synergistic effect - a level of comfort and energy efficiency. Independent Sports Science findings confirm that you will carry your load with less effort and strain with an Aarn Balance Backpack. A balanced load is healthier for you - with less strain comes the benefit of less muscle, tissue and potential nerve damage to your shoulders, neck and spine. We have numerous testimonials confirming that those who could no longer hike with their backpacks due to back or neck injuries, pacemakers, and people who have had breast surgery or lymph nodes removed have all been able to continue hiking with our Balance Backpacks.