"It doesn't even feel like I am wearing a pack!"


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February 13, 2022 1 min read

I am so impressed with this pack that I just felt I had to say thank you for the thought put into design! I do a lot of hiking and long distance hitchhiking, right now I am doing the winter in Sweden and for warmth have to carry a lot, my previous Deuter bag was not big enough so I went to buy a new pack and found a 45l Peak Aspiration and the expedition pockets... I filled the bag and tried it on and was so impressed that I had to buy it although way out of my budget (now I'm too poor to eat, but my back is happy!). I really can't get over it, even without the balance pockets and a 15kg+ load on my back I can hardly feel it, and the movement is incredible! if I had found a pack like this a couple of years ago I'd be in much better shape. it is truly amazing and I will be recommending your products to EVERYBODY and barely glancing at other brands, I hope one day I can afford some other sizes for other needs, but this is really going to make a big difference to my winter and I have to thank you! It feels weird doing this about a bag, but I really can't say how impressed I am and how much of a difference it makes to my adventure.

My body thanks you!