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February 14, 2022 2 min read

Passion for fit

Aarn has been designing back packs for over forty years and has a huge passion for creating products that fit people of all shapes and sizes, making the packs as inclusive as possible. After years of development and use, we have come up with some guidelines to get the perfect fitting pack.

Making the most of what you have is important, every bit of an Aarn pack that comes into contact with your body is able to shape itself to you, to help avoid pressure points. 

The hip belt, shoulder harness and back panel should all match up with how your body is put together. Any part of the pack that comes into contact with your body helps to distribute the weight onto your bone structure and does not put the load and strain on your muscles. 

Because of Aarns experience with designing bags, we have been able to come up with the best and easiest systems, so our packs fit a wide range of people. 

The key features of an Aarn pack:

  • All models except our smallest daypacks have adjustable back-length so they’re not one size fits all.  
  • Larger models are available in 3 back-lengths, S, M & L, each size with adjustable back length.
  • The back panels on all our packs auto-mould to your back shape.
  • Shoulder harnesses auto-mould to the slope of your shoulders.
  • Shoulder harnesses come in 4 styles depending on pack volume, and each adjustable back length style harness comes in 2 sizes.
  • Auto- mould hip belts adjust in shape and length automatically as you tighten the hipbelt.
  • Pelvic-Form hip belts come in 3 sizes. The overall shape is adjustable in curvature and length and the top of the hipbelt auto-moulds over the top of your hips to your hip shape.
  • The joins between the back panel, shoulder harness and hipbelt are smooth and have continuous transitions.
  • The back panel, shoulder harness and hip belt are all very breathable to minimise heat build up.


Fitting Men and Women

Aarn makes packs that are designed to fit male and female body types. Our research into the human body showed that the ideal solution is being able to adjust the different parts of the pack so they can fit your unique size and shape. To help you choose what’s best for your chest shape, different types of adjustable shoulder harnesses are available for the large packs. For On-Adjust and Bio-Fit shoulder harnesses, we have 2 sorts of chest straps: sternum straps (a standard strap that crosses your chest) and X Flow straps (optional, see below) to cater for all chest shapes.


X-Flow Straps

X-Flow chest straps can remove the pressure and breathing troubles of a standard sternum strap, they can spread the load over the whole chest for added comfort and lock the pack closer to the body for better stability.

When Balance Pockets are used the sternum straps connect to the opposite side Balance Pocket to form the X flow system. These straps avoid your chest. If not using Balance Pockets, you can clip on the optional accessory X-Flow straps.