"It doesn't even feel like I am wearing a pack!"


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May 26, 2017 2 min read

I've had a Featherlight Freedom pack for several years and LOVE it. I was nearly ready to give up backpacking because I was always so uncomfortable, but the Balance Pack system has absolutely revolutionized my backpacking experience. It doesn't even feel like I'm wearing a pack! (My trekking companions HATE it when I say that). Thanks so much for making your amazing products!

Emily Weiser


In the summer 2014/2015, I put making coffees aside for a bit to walk the length of New Zealand on the Te Araroa. Doing some research about what kind of gear to get for that challenge, I discovered Aarn balance packs and was impressed by the ingeniousness behind the design. I then decided to equip myself with a Featherlite Freedom, which made walking these 3000Kms from Cape Reinga to Bluff as smooth as a latte bowl.

Along the way, my pack raised a few eyebrows, sparked a lot of questions and was tried on many times by curious and interested hikers. At least 5 of them now have swapped their regular backpack for an Aarn balance packs:

- Jörg Flugge, from Germany and living now in Wellington, who bought his own Featherlite Freedom as soon as he could on the Trail.
- Rory Hart, who, right after the Te Araroa,  through-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail in the USA and brought with him an AARN pack. 
- Patrick Cooley, who, while working as a sound engineer on a world tour for a rock band, seized the chance to purchased his AARN pack during his most recent visit to Christchurch.
- Evelyn de Boeck and her partner Per-Jonas Strand (aka Eef and P-J), who both decided for an AARN pack to walk the Bibbulmun track in Australia right after the Te Araroa.

Am I boasting that I played a part in these people swapping their old backpack for an AARN pack? maybe a little, but really, the practicality and comfort of your clever pack did all the convincing. I just happened to show the pack around and spread the news.

Marylene Coutret, Motueka, New Zealand