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September 09, 2023 2 min read

Many happy customers have told us, Aarn Packs are, 'The most comfortable packs on Earth'! These are some of the reasons why...

Aarn Packs were designed to challenge regular thinking of what a pack is, and how it can work alongside your body. There are many great traditional backpacks available in our industry however, they can disrupt your natural posture, balance and movement.

Aarn has challenged the traditional thinking on pack design with our ‘Balance Pack System’, using our U-Flow harness and Aarn Balance Pockets. Ensuring we make the most efficient, comfortable, stable and practical packs there are. 



 Julz from Aarn Packs explains what makes an Aarn Packs different, and it isn't just our 'front pockets' 😉. Make sure to like and subscribe to get more hot Aarn Tips!


After research into how our bodies work and what works best for us, Aarn has come up with a design system that doesn’t interfere with your natural posture, balance or body movement, but a system that works with your body. It’s a combination of Aarn Balance Pockets on the front of the pack that let you spread the weight evenly around your body (so it’s not just all on your back) and our patented U-Flow motion systems that allow your body to move freely - which is why we call them the 'Aarn Balance System'. 

When using a traditional pack ‘forward lean’ and ‘torso restriction’ are unavoidable - which makes your body work harder and use a lot more energy when it doesn’t need to. 

aarn packs forward lean science

Things that cause forward lean in a traditional backpack: 

  • The side profile of the pack is too wide, the slimer the better. 
  • The pack length is too short, it should be at least as long as your back. 
  • You packed your heavy items on the outside of your bag - they should be as close to your back as possible. 
  • Your pack is too heavy, keep it as light as you can. 

Things that restrict torso movement in a traditional backpack: 

  • The shoulder straps don’t allow a lot of shoulder movement. 
  • The hipbelt makes it hard for hips to move and bending forward is a struggle.   
  • The harness doesn’t allow twisting between shoulders and hips. 

Aarn Packs have slim profiles, are really light and have a good length to help reduce forward lean. They use patented flow systems to allow full body movement when you’re carrying a pack that’s full to the brim. And you have the added bonus of being able to add Aarn Balance Pockets to the front of your pack to balance the weight in front and behind your body to keep your posture as close to upright as possible. 

If you have a pack you love but want to make it more balanced - Aarn created “Universal Balance Pockets” which will clip on to any pack you already have. It will help balance out your body, reduce some of the ‘forward-leaning’ and gives you ready access to drinks, snacks and other heavy items. We like to call these the 'gate-way drug' to happier hiking!

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