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Balance Pockets Multi PRO

Made of a light UHMWPE Gridstop fabric, these all-purpose Balance Pockets are perfect for use on our smaller packs.

The Aarn Balance Pockets Multi PRO have four compartments, divided to prevent round-out when fully packed. You can remove this divider in one pocket to store your oversized items.


Slim profile with 4 compartments

Holds 4 x 0.75L water bottles and snacks

2 mesh pockets on front of pockets.

Divided compartment prevents round-out when stuffed full

One pocket has zip-out divider for large items

Tech Specs

Fabrics -

Main - 70D Robic Gridstop with UHMWPE

Bottom - 210D Robic Gridstop with UHMWPE

Dimensions -

W 16cm x D 11cm x H 27cm

W 6.3in x D 4.3in x H 10.6in

Litres -


Pocket Weight -

250g or 0.5lbs

Colour -


Size Guide

Check out our page, 'How to select your pack'.

How do Aarn Balance Pockets Work?

Attach the Balance Pocket wireframe to the holsters on the hipbelt. Click it in with the press stud to lock it in place. This will transfer the load onto the hipbelt.

Clip the small rods at the top of the Balance Pockets into the matching O rings on the Aarn Packs shoulder straps. The O rings will free-slide up or down the shoulder straps, so the shoulders bear no load from the pockets. 

By sharing weight between the front Balance Pockets, hipbelt, and pack, we can reduce or eliminate the leverages on the hips and lower back. The Aarn Balance System works to remedy the forward lean created by standard packs.

The wireframes can be bent to fit all body types and sizes and to create airflow. Shoulder straps can be worn more loosely than a backpack (eliminating back and shoulder strain) so that more of the load is transferred onto the hips.

The two separate pockets are designed to create a gap between them so that you can see your feet as you walk.

The Balance Pockets are attached to the pack before you put it on. They can be left permanently attached or removed for separate use.