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In choosing which brand you purchase, the impact on the environment is important. 

Our aim is to adopt the cradle to cradle principles developed by William McDonough and partners (see www.mbdc.com). 

The main principles are to change the material cycle from ‘cradle to grave’ to ‘cradle to cradle’ using 100% recyclable materials; to eliminate any toxic materials from the cycle, and to replace non biodegradable materials with biodegradable ones as they become available.

To achieve this our policy is:

To make our products last as long as possible. We have an ongoing focus on designing long lasting packs and improving the durability of our products without increasing weight. Our guarantee on materials and workmanship is 3 years to the original purchaser, and we offer a low cost repair service.

To recycle all recyclable materials used in the business, rather than sending them to landfill.

When the product has finished its working life, we ask you to return it to Aarn Design, rather than sending it to landfill. We will disassemble it and recover all reusable materials. These will be recycled in various ways.

As biodegradable materials become available which meet our performance and durability criteria, we will adopt them.