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Aarn Tents are a new breed of high performance lightweight tents.
They are suitable for 4 seasons and high altitude conditions, encountered in the NZ Alps at any time of year. Initially they were designed for those who use full-length trekking poles on fast moving adventures.They now include a full pole set. If you use trekking poles, an optional ridge pole is available to replace the center pole.

Aarn Tents have unique wind shedding shapes.
Aarn 1 & 2 T are tunnel tent designs which give the best stability/ to weight ratio for small tents. Both tents are provided with a set of 2 end poles and a large centre pole. Both models can also use an optional patented ridge pole connector to join trekking poles into a rigid A-Frame to form the strong central backbone of the tents. (Using the trekking poles for 2 purposes reduces the weight carried). Lightweight end poles give stable head and feet space. These poles use an innovative internal cross bracing system, allowing us to use lighter end poles than would otherwise be necessary for 4 season use. All poles mount on the outside of the fly for a quick pitch. We use catenary cut panels to keep the fly taut in the wind. In strong winds these tents when pitched tightly and fully pegged out hum rather than flap. New triple height vents, located at the tent base, middle and peak, facilitate excellent cross ventilation to minimise condensation.

Fabrics are chosen for the best balance between strength and weight.
Flys are made of 30D silicon coated ripstop nylon fabrics for the best balance between strength and weight. A denier count less than 30 is not suitable for 4 season use. The 15D inners are super light and insect proof. Floors are now strong enough so you don’t need to carry the weight of a footprint. A1T has one entrance and vestibule, while A2T now has a separate entrance and vestibule on each side for each occupant. Both models have excellent storage space under the fly.
 All models use guy lines made of Dyneema - an ultra-strong fibre which doesn’t stretch when wet.

Aarn Tents are flexible and highly versatile.
Flys are made of 30D silicon coated ripstop nylon fabrics for the be They can be used fly alone for the lightest weight, or as double walled tents for insect protection and the greatest warmth. They pitch fly first so the inner remains dry in wet conditions or with fly and inner clipped together for the fastest pitch. The stability, internal volume, lightness, ventilation, adaptability and quick pitch make these designs a wise choice for the widest range of weather conditions at any time of the year.