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Aarn Packs are designed to be durable, and made to stand up to the wildest of adventures and harshest conditions. Even with a long lasting pack, some wear and tear can be expected over time; here are our recommendations for repairing your gear on a trip, and how to get in touch with us if you need a significant repair.

On a trip

On long trips and expeditions, we recommend taking some duct tape, plus a needle, thimble and strong nylon thread to handle any emergencies. A length of Tear-aid, Tenacious tape or Gorilla tape comes in handy for fabric rips and gives neat long term repairs of rips and holes. We recommend clean rips be repaired by yourself in these situations, as they are not covered by our guarantee and this avoids shipping charges and repair costs.

Mesh Repairs

Any issues with holes in stretch mesh outside pockets or thick mono mesh back panels need to be hand stitched as they cannot be repaired by machine.

Since these failures are generally due to wear and tear, we suggest that the customer does the repair themselves.

Back mesh: You can hand stitch with thicker button hole thread, nylon or polyester.

Shoulder strap: You can hand stitch with thicker button hole thread, nylon or polyester.

Hipbelt holster: Stitch with a sewing machine (probably need a boot maker with an industrial machine) or hand stitch with heavy thread, again nylon or polyester.

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