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Balance Pockets Photo

  • Photo Balance Pockets are a superb solution for outdoor photographers and have been highly praised by professional photographers wanting a balanced load and instant access to camera gear. These come in 2 sizes: Regular for photographers using SLRs and Professional for those using large SLRs like the Nikon D3. The left pocket has a divided top compartment for 2 longer lenses and a bottom compartment with separate zip opening for shorter lenses. For gear flexibility, the separating partitions can be unzipped to make 1 large compartment.
    • R: Holds cameras up to L: 20 cm, W:15 cm, H:12 cm + 3 lenses (Max. length: 26 cm)
    • P: Holds cameras up to L: 30 cm, W:18 cm, H:16 cm + lenses (Max. length: 30 cm)
    • Seperate highly water-resistant Dry Liners for camera and each lens
    • Unzip each lid and it flops forward for superb camera access and easy access to battery pocket inside lid
    • Flip-top zip-flaps flip up for easy access, flip down for rain
    • Separate zip entry for top and bottom compartments
    • Foam stiffened for stability
    • 4 mesh exterior pockets, bottom pockets take water bottles
    • Converts to a daypack with Daypack Conversion Straps 
    • Daypack also carries on front for instant camera access
  • Colour Grey
    CM R: H 35 W 18 D 11
    P: H 40 W 23 D 14
    Litres R: 12 + 2 (outside pockets)
    P: 16 + 2 (outside pockets)
    Grams R: Standard/ + liners/ daypack: 562/ 684 /734
    P: Standard/ + liners/ daypack: 640/ 754/ 802
    Code BPP-R, BPP-P

"I have been using the Aarn Photo Balance Pockets with a number of pack models for several years. The Photo Pockets quickly became my case of choice for travel and field photography. Each compartment has individual dry bags for each piece of gear. Typically, I will carry an SLR (w/out battery grip) with a wide-angle lens in the larger compartment. On the other side, I fill the dry bags with various lenses and/ or a flash. There is more storage in the bottom each pocket that can house smaller lenses, or needed accessories. Access is one of my favourite features of the system: a top zip allows for quick grabs when needed. Each piece of equipment is protected with a dry bag, and some thin padding. I have taken my systems on several extended expeditions and have never had an issue with the padding. The final feature that has been a HUGE bonus for me is that the Balance Pockets detach and become a smaller backpack on it's own. This is truly great for those smaller hikes or urban travel with a camera system."
Sean O’Connor, owner, Freesolo Photography, Portland, Oregon, USA

"The Photo Balance Pockets make it really easy to keep the camera at the ready - it's very easy to grab the DSLR out of the pocket, even with a 70-300 lens attached. When it comes to changing lenses, its like having an extra pair of hands. The load balance was amazing - totally different to my normal experience. Last weekend I packed my normal day-hike winter safety gear, food, 1.5 L of water, then loaded the pockets with my DSLR, 3 lenses, binoculars,GPS, plus a second point-and-shoot camera. The load just never seemed to be an issue. The elastic pockets worked well for stowing filters. I found the dry sacs spacious enough to make for easy use. This is a good feature as most inexpensive DSLR's and lenses aren't weather or dust sealed."
Michael Hamilton, Wellington, NZ

"I am a botanical artist and do a lot of sketching and photographing of plants in the field. I have gone through a lot of packs to find the right fit for my equipment. After searching endlessly for a daypack that would hold my art supplies and my camera equipment, the Aarn Balance Pack has proven the perfect solution. I carry my camera equipment up front in the Photo Balance Pockets so I have instant access – no longer do I have to constantly take off my backpack- and I carry my paints, paper, water, sketching tools, clothing and food for the day in the pack. Since herniating a disk in my back several years ago I find that balancing gear in front and behind is much easier on my back than having it all a behind. Happily the Aarn Balance Pack does not sacrifice manoeuvrability for tramping and climbing. It is very useful that the same Balance Pockets work on a full sized pack or a daypack, depending on trip length. Even in hot weather the Balance Pockets do not make the packs hotter and I have used them in some very hot places! I now use this pack exclusively on all my tramps from New Zealand to Bhutan and beyond. Excellent."
Rebecca Thompson, Christchurch, NZ