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Featherlite Freedom

        • The perfect Balance Pack for those embracing the light = fast philosophy, with the volume to carry ultralight gear for up to a week  Fusing the biomechanics of comfort, balance and agility into a lightweight performance package, Featherlite Freedom has proven itself on longer trips and the world's longest trails. The most popular pack on the 3000km Te Aroroa trail in NZ.
        • FLOW FRAME

          Our frame architecture combines a 7005 alloy rod hourglass-shaped frame with 1 horizontal hollow 6001 T6 aluminium stay. This maintains the slim profile when the pack is stuffed full yet the stretch back-panels can auto-mould to your back shape when the hipbelt is done up. Backpanel ventilation is outstanding with a suspended mesh backpanel.

          The Bio-Fit shoulder harness has 2 sizes S, L . It's made of 3D Mono-mesh which is highly breathable and auto-moulds to the slope of your shoulders. There is no shoulder strap distortion when the Flow-Thru stabilisers are tightened to bring the top of the pack close to your back. Our On-Adjust buckle allows back-length shortening with the pack on to allow a precision fit to a wide range of body sizes. U Flow by interlinked bottom tensioners. 

          Pelvic-Form hipbelts come in 3 sizes and micro-adjust in length and angle to allow a perfect match to your pelvic size and shape. Dual-adjust tensioning allows fine-tuning of the upper hipbelt shaping around your waist and the top of your hips. The tension on the Multi-Flow cord which connects the hipbelt to the sides of the pack can be adjusted to vary the proportion of the packs load transferred towards the front of the hipbelt. U Flow via center pivot and interlinked side stabilisers.

          BAG FEATURES

          • Single compartment pack with roll top closure, no divider
          • Auto-mould suspension
          • Stretch front & side pockets
          • Sport Balance Pockets S/R with 4 outer pockets & highly water resistant Dry liners
          • Twin trekking pole attachment in front or behind
          • Ice axe attachment
          • Hydration Exit and Attachment Loop
          • Highly water-resistant Dry Liner in the pack body
          • Packraft compatible

          Balance Gear Racks 
          Lasso-loc straps 
          Ski Straps 
          Snowboard Straps

        • FABRICS
          • Main 100D nylon Robic ripstop
          • Bottom 210D Dyneema Gridstop
          • Liner 40D nylon Ripstop

          CM: W 37 D 25 H 55 (S) 65 (M)

          LITRES: S 50+10 M 55+12

        • Weight:
        • S1204 grams + removable pockets + liners
          M  1256 grams + removable pockets + liners

          LOAD RANGE: 18 kg

          COLOUR: Green / Grey

          CODE: FF-S, FF-L
        • Fitting Hipbelts, Shoulder Straps & Adjusting Backlength If Required

          Attaching X-Flow Straps
          Backlength Adjustment with Balance Pockets On
          Attaching Lasso-Loc Straps


" Just before Xmas my partner and I had a fantastic trip to the Garden of Eden Ice Plateau with skis. It was a great test for the Featherlite Freedom pack as I skinned, skied, climbed, bush-bashed and tramped over 5 days. The 2 day exit from the Gardens is definitely thorough testing country and we had full camping kit with us.
I was more than happy with how it performed when it was loaded up, and how good it was to ski with all my gear in it and the Balance Pockets in front. We were bush bashing in alpine scrub and bush and this was no problem with the Balance Pockets. There was also no issue with not seeing the ground because of the Pockets - and a lot of the terrain we were on was quite technical. This included a steep climbing ascent of The Great Unknown and a steep descent down a creek bed on our route out. During the long 14 hour tramp out down the Perth/ Whataroa, I never got the expected/normal sore shoulders/neck and bruised hips.
Jo Haines, Alpine Guide, Wanaka , NZ

“Just completed a 22 hour continuous training mission in thick west coast bush. Featherlite Freedom was awesome. No sore shoulders or back…first time ever that I have carried a load for that long without a hint of discomfort. Amazing comfort and stability.”
Andrew McLeod, Wanaka, NZ