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Mountain Magic 55

  • The Ultralite Balance Pack with the volume for 3-5 days. It's a maestro of body movement, balance, stability and instant gear access making it superb for runners, and fast walkers and hikers. Sport Balance Pockets are standard. The pack bag styles are stripped down for minimum weight and appeal to those who want to be naturally balanced and move with less effort and strain.
    • Top opening, roll top closure stretch side pockets
    • Top zip pocket with key ring hook
    • Stretch side pockets
    • Bladder holder
    • Cord-loc compression
    • Twin trekking pole attachment in front or behind
    • Ice axe attachment
    • Main 100D Robic ripstop nylon
    • Bottom 210D Dynatec Nylon
    • Our X frame holds the slim back-hugging shape, prevents round-out when the pack is stuffed full and auto moulds to the different back curves when running or cycling. The 3D mono-mesh and suspended mesh backpanel keeps you cooler under high exertion.
    • The Clip-Adjust shoulder harness comes in two sizes, S and L. Choose the harness size matching your back length. Go to "What is my back length". The harness is made of breathable spacer mesh which auto-moulds to the slope of your shoulders.
    • U Flow bottom tensioners and top stabilisers allow free shoulder movement with load stability.
      • Dual-adjust tensioners precision mould the hipbelt and the backpanel to your body for great comfort and stability. Twin center closure buckles spread the load over a wide area of the tummy for digestive comfort. U Flow allows hip movement.
        • Backlength adjustment 18 cm
        • Clip- Adjust Shoulder Straps L
        • Pack-raft compatible
        • Stretch side pockets
        • Sport Balance Pockets ® with 4 external pockets & waterproof liners, Cord-loc compression
    • On-Adjust Shoulder Straps S
    • X Flow straps
    • Lasso Loc Straps
    • Ski Straps
    • Snowboard Straps
    • Bear Canister Holder
  • Cm: W 30 D 25 H 63
    Litres: 43+ 12
    Grams: 1440 Pack only : 1040
    Load to: 17 kg
    Colour: Green/grey

    CODE: MT 55
  • Adjusting the Backlength on Mountain Magic Packs

    Attaching Marathon & Mountain Balance Pockets

    Attaching Lasso-Loc Straps


"In June - July 2015, it was my third trip to the Kimberley (Australia) walking with a Aarn Mountain Magic U Flow Balance Pack . I will never be able to thank my partner, Fleur Crowe enough for letting me know about this pack.

It has changed all my ideas about walking. It ended the horrible feeling of weighing a ton and having my movements limited. Aarn technology frees your shoulders in an amazing way. It is surprising. You have to try it to believe it!

In 2013, I used this pack to walk the South-West side of the Prince Regent river in the North-West Kimberley . It took me some time to understand how all the straps were working. I would say that it is a pack you may not like on your first few days but you will love in a very short time. I had to swim sometimes and none of my items ever got wet -the liners did the job. This trip lasted 13 days, walking through some harsh vegetation, always off track. The pack survived it easily. Apart from the feeling of lightness, I really loved the accessibility of the Balance Pockets. You can store a camera there and its ready to «click» in seconds. They offer great access to your map, snacks or any items you need while walking.

In 2014, it was an 11 days trip to the head waters of the Prince Regent river. Again the Mountain Magic did the job. The Balance Pockets do not disturb your walking. You can see where you are putting your feet. There was quite a lot of climbing. The pockets are only a problem when you have to be as close as possible to the rock wall- in my opinion the only negative side of this pack.

In 2015, it was a 26 days walk from King Cascade on the Prince Regent to Lower Mitchell Falls at the mouth of the river. No food drops. Alone. The pack weighted 20 kg. The volume of the Mountain Magic worked well for this long trip. The pack was full. I put all the spaghetti and rice in the Balance Pockets. There was no swimming this time but a lot of scrub and climbing and other Kimberley enjoyment! For example, water is not everywhere and I had to carry up to 7 litres. Extra space for the water was fine, thanks to the roll top closure!

I am thinking of another long trip in the Kimberley in 2016 and buying the Dyneema Mountain Magic, saving 380 grammes on the pack alone. Not bad for such a technical bag."

Sébastien Heritier

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