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Liquid Agility 30

  • A fully-featured and multi-talented daypack with zip opening access. The combination of U Flow Systems, Auto-Moulding features and adjustable backlength allow you to customise fit and move freely and stably through rough terrain. Front and rear access and the built-in attachment systems facilitate use of the pack for snowsports. The carry-on size is great for travel and the volume and pocket systems are perfect for cycling and urban use.
    • Carry-on size
    • One size, back-length range 18cm
    • On-adjust Shoulder Straps-S
    • Rear zip access to main compartment keeps harness dry when loading on snow
    • 3 outside stretch pockets
    • Internal pockets for wallet, avalanche probe, bike pump, bike lock
    • Hydration sleeve, exit and attachment loop
    • Web front compression + hyperlon reinforcing & Loc-Loops to secure vertical tools
    • Side Lasso-loc compression straps with hyperlon reinforcing
    • Attachments forskis (front / sides), helmet , ice axe
    • Snowboard carry with hyperlon edge protection
    • Auto-Form Hipbelt
    • Improved access with new V Flow system (V.5)
    • On-Adjust Shoulder Straps L or XL
    • Roo Pouches
    • Balance Pockets
    • Balance Bags * Balance Gear Racks
    • X Flow chest straps
    • Waterproof Dry liner
    Cm W 34 H 55 D 23
    Liters 30
    Kilos 1.27
    Colour Green/grey
    Load to 14 kg (Increase by using Balancing systems)

  • Backlength Adjustment with Balance Pockets On

    Attaching X-Flow Straps


“I found none of the usual sore spots (shoulders, hips, upper back) when I loaded the Liquid Agility with 35 pounds for a 20-mile day, as compared to virtually any other traditional internal frame pack. I'm rather convinced that decoupling shoulder and hip belt movement from the load bearing suspension components has a significant impact on muscle fatigue when carrying weight for long days. The front pocket system, which is integrated with the suspension, greatly improves the maximum load carrying capacity of the Liquid Agility pack. It carries a 30 lb (14 kg) load in outstanding comfort relative to most 30 L-range internal frame packs on the market.”

Ryan Jordan. Backpackinglight.com