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Guiding Light S, L

  • Guiding Light is our mid-volume Stronglite. Our Stronglites are designed to take your gear into the world's remotest places comfortably and reliably. They are tough, dynamic, multi-functional and fully waterproof. Fully featured, they allow you to carry a wide variety of adventure tools for diverse conditions and multiple activities. Add Balance Pockets for natural balance, pain relief and load-carrying efficiency. Choose the specific Balance Pockets, Bags or Racks that match your activity and volume requirements. The Stronglites have proven themselves in the roughest backcountry and on the world's highest mountains.

    View our Guiding Light review on carryology.com. It includes an excellent video showing how the Flow systems allow the body to move while the pack remains stable on your back. View here.

    • Seperate bottom compartment with its own waterproof liner
    • Lid pocket has hydration exit
    • 2 Water resistant dry liners
    • Web front compression + Loc-Loops to secure vertical tools
    • Twin trekking pole attachment in front or behind
    • Twin ice axe attachment
    • Built-in attachments for skis, crampons, shovel, snowboard, helmet 
    • Pack-raft compatible 

    Flow frame

    Pelvic-Form hipbelt:

    • 3 sizes, S ,L , XL 
    • Length and angle micro adjustable to allow a perfect match to your pelvic size and shape
    • Dual-adjust hipbelt tensioning allows fine-tuning of the hipbelt shape
    • Quadro buckle disperses the hipbelt tension over a wide area for tummy comfort
    • Hipbelt moves with you with U Flow pivot and interlinked side stabilisers

    Shoulder harness:

    • 3 sizes S, L & XL 
    • Adjustable back-length, 18cm range
    • On-Adjust buckle allows back-length shortening with the pack on to allow a precision fit to a wide range of body sizes
    • Breathable stretch 3D mesh that auto-moulds to the slope of your shoulders
    • Twin stabiliser take-off options with 5cm height difference for a precision fit
    • Flow-Thru stabilisers prevent shoulder straps distortion when top stabilisers are tightened
    • U Flow by interlinked bottom tensioners


    • Alternative sizes of On-Adjust Shoulder Straps 
    • Sport, Photo and Expedition Balance Pockets & Gear Racks 
    • Universal, Camera and Travel Balance Bags 
    • X Flow chest straps 
    • Lasso-loc Straps 
    • Ski Straps

    Unique features

    • Optimised for climbers, skiers & hikers
    • 18 cm Back-length adjustment
    • Free-Flow stabiliser take-offs
    • Side ski and compression straps with bottom pockets
    • Front axe, pole & crampon attachments
    • Rope Door and hydration exit behind head
    • Cm: W 40 D 25 H S 70 / L 80
      Litres: S57 L65
      Kilos: S1.72 / 1.8 L1.82 / 1.9 (Std/+ liners)
      Load to: 19 kg (Increase by using Balance Pockets or Balance Bags)
      Colour: Green/grey

      CODE: GL-S, GL-L

    • Fitting Hipbelts, Shoulder Straps & Adjusting Backlength If Required

      Backlength Adjustment with Balance Pockets On

      Attaching X-Flow Straps


    "The climbing community has not yet fully embraced your designs - climbers always comment on my pack and ask me how I find it. I just came off a guide's course and all the other guides were most intrigued, saying I was the first person they had met who used one. There is a misconception that you can't walk on rough ground (the thought being that you can't see your feet) and people don't understand that the front packs are removable, leaving a compressible lightweight pack for steep climbing.

    I've found the pack great! I've had trouble with my back for years and the difference in pain and muscle tension on long trips with heavy loads was very noticeable straight away. I walk much more upright under a load and find traditional packs horribly uncomfortable now. I've taken the pack on transalpine crossings, to Antarctica and up plenty of peaks and technical faces (recently up the South Face of Mt Cook). I was also happy to find a kiwi-designed pack that is made of lightweight materials and not canvas. The pack's suffered some wear and tear but that is the trade-off with lightweight fabrics I guess. I also really like the tool quivers - they are very useful for quickly stashing a snow stake.

    Penny Goddard, Christchurch, NZ (one of our top female climbers)

    "Hi, Just wanted to say a HUGE thankyou! I recently bought a Guiding Light with Expedition Balance Pockets and took it on 5 days of tramping in NZ. I can honestly say that it is the most comfortable pack I have ever worn and the weight is truly on the hips as advertised. I walked faster, I was definitely more upright and did not suffer shoulder/back pain- it was a delight! I am very satisfied customer who is already raving to everyone I meet about Aarn packs!!"

    Liz Rode-Bramanis, Shell Cove,NSW, Australia