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The volume of pack needed by different people for a certain length of trip varies considerably between individuals depending on gear choice and is also affected by the season and the terrain. Packing your gear in a pack of known volume is a good way to determine your volume requirements. Note that the Ultralite family includes the Balance Pockets as standard, therefore the specified volume is with the Balance Pockets.

With the Daylites, Stronglites and Travelites, the volume specified is only for the pack itself, so adding your choice of Balance Pockets or Bags will increase the total volume accordingly. Therefore you need to add the volume of the Balance Pockets or Balance Bags to the volume of the pack to get the total volume to match your requirements.

Now consider the longest trip you will do with the pack and the gear required. This will determine the volume of pack needed. Now think about the predominant use and choose the most appropriate family for your needs.

NOTE: We strongly recommend using Balance Pockets or Balance Bags in all situations except technical climbing. They will reduce energy use and body pain compared to carrying all your load behind in a backpack. The instant gear access of the pockets also increases efficiency, as you do not have to stop and take the pack off to access items needed during the day. Specific purpose Balance Pockets, Bags and clip-on accessories allow you to customise your pack for different activities.

Based on your backlength and the volume you require, you can see in the chart below what models will work for you. To further refine your selection, you need to take into account your activity and the sort of country you will be using the gear in.

How to measure my back length with a book:

Measure the distance from the top of your hip bones to the mid- point of your shoulder. 

Stand with your back against a wall with a hard covered book and pencil in hand. Place the book vertically against your side, with the bottom edge resting on top of your hipbone and the back edge against the wall. Mark the height of the lower edge of the book on the wall. This is the height of the top of your hips.

Now place the book vertically by the side of your head. With the back edge resting against the wall and the bottom edge resting on the mid-point of one shoulder (halfway between your neck and the end of your shoulder - this is where the centre of the shoulder straps should lie). Mark the height of the bottom edge of the book on the wall. This is the height of your shoulders. 

Now measure the difference in height between the two marks on the wall. Congratulations, you now have your back length! 

How to measure my hipbelt size:

The large models with Pelvic-Form Hipbelts have three hipbelt sizes. The size medium size, (M) is standard.

Use a tape measure to determine your waist size, as the top of the hip belt goes around your waist.
To correctly measure your waist, stand and place a tape measure around your middle, just above your hipbones. Then, measure your waist just after you breathe out.

If this distance is less than 85 cm choose the Small size.
Between 85 cm and 95 cm, choose the Medium size.
If it is greater than 95 cm, choose the Large size.

Back Length and Volume of Aarn Packs

Use this table to help choose the correct pack for your adventures.