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Balance Bags



Balance Bags allow users of other brands of packs to experience a naturally balanced load without having to purchase an Aarn Pack They work on the same principles as our Balance Pockets, offering the same energy efficiency, strain relief and convenient access. Because they are designed to fit any brand of pack that uses a hip belt and sternum straps, they attach to the pack differently than our Balance Pockets. While Balance Pockets are connected to the pack before you put the pack on (and can be left permanently attached), Balance Bags are attached to the pack once you have put the pack on and are unclipped before you take the pack off. This has advantages in a number of situations.

1. When you do not have an Aarn pack

2. When carrying delicate photo equipment, it's better to take off camera gear off first and put it down separately than to put pockets and pack down together.

3. For commuting and traveling, Balance Bags are very fast to put on and even faster to take off, making them a more convenient solution for standing or sitting on public transport. As a carry-on, their size is just right to slip under the airline seat in front of you.

4. For children carrying a backpack or school pack, they allow heavy loads of books and water to be carried up front for the best balanceand greatly reduce theback strain caused by school backpacks. Backpack-related problems in school children is a problem worldwide. Because the recommendedbehavioralsolutions have not been effective, we have developed this innovative design solution.


1. A pair of stainless wire clips with buckles are provided. These clip into the small O rings on the shoulder straps of Aarn Packs. On other brands of pack, these clip into a fixed attachment point on the shoulder straps, such as D rings, the top stabiliser straps, or even the web slot on your sternum strap slider. These wire clips can be left permanently attached to the shoulder straps.

2. To put the Balance Bags on, clip the buckles at the top of the Balance Bags to the matching buckles with the wire clips that you have already attached to your shoulder straps. Now slip the bottom flange of the Balance Bags over the center of your hipbelt. Tighten the top straps to get the required air gap between your chest and the top of the Balance Bags.

3. The back-panels clear your tummy completely or are highly breathable.

4. The energy savings from a balanced load make up for extra weight of bags when total load carried (pack and bags) is greater than 6-7kg.


How to measure my back length with a book:

Measure the distance from the top of your hip bones to the mid- point of your shoulder. 

Stand with your back against a wall with a hard covered book and pencil in hand. Place the book vertically against your side, with the bottom edge resting on top of your hipbone and the back edge against the wall. Mark the height of the lower edge of the book on the wall. This is the height of the top of your hips.

Now place the book vertically by the side of your head. With the back edge resting against the wall and the bottom edge resting on the mid-point of one shoulder (halfway between your neck and the end of your shoulder - this is where the centre of the shoulder straps should lie). Mark the height of the bottom edge of the book on the wall. This is the height of your shoulders. 

Now measure the difference in height between the two marks on the wall. Congratulations, you now have your back length! 

How to measure my hipbelt size:

The large models with Pelvic-Form Hipbelts have three hipbelt sizes. The size medium size, (M) is standard.

Use a tape measure to determine your waist size, as the top of the hip belt goes around your waist.
To correctly measure your waist, stand and place a tape measure around your middle, just above your hipbones. Then, measure your waist just after you breathe out.

If this distance is less than 85 cm choose the Small size.
Between 85 cm and 95 cm, choose the Medium size.
If it is greater than 95 cm, choose the Large size.

Back Length and Volume of Aarn Packs

Use this table to help choose the correct pack for your adventures.