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Load Limo S, L

  • Load Limo is our largest, expedition-proven Stronglite. It has a single compartment. Our Stronglites are designed to take your gear into the world's remotest places comfortably and reliably. They are tough, dynamic, multi-functional and highly water-resistant. Fully featured, they allow you to carry a wide variety of adventure tools for diverse conditions and multiple activities. Add Balance Pockets for natural balance, pain relief and load-carrying efficiency. Choose the specific Balance Pockets, Bags or Racks that match your activity and volume requirements. The Stronglites have proven themselves in the roughest backcountry and on the world's highest mountains.
    • Highly water-resistant Dry Liner
    • Lid pocket has hydration exit
    • Web front compression + Loc-Loops to secure vertical tools
    • Twin trekking pole attachment in front or behind
    • Twin ice axe attachment
    • Built-in attachments for skis, crampons, shovel, snowboard, helmet 
    • Pack-raft compatible

    Flow frame

    Pelvic-Form hipbelt:

    • 3 sizes, S ,M , L 
    • Length and angle micro adjustable to allow a perfect match to your pelvic size and shape
    • Dual-adjust hipbelt tensioning allows fine-tuning of the hipbelt shape
    • Hipbelt moves with you with U Flow pivot and interlinked side stabilisers

     Shoulder harness:

    • 2 sizes S, L
    • Adjustable back-length, 18cm range
    • On-Adjust buckle allows back-length shortening with the pack on to allow a precision fit to a wide range of body sizes
    • Breathable stretch 3D mesh that auto-moulds to the slope of your shoulders
    • Twin stabiliser take-off options with 5cm height difference for a precision fit
    • Flow-Thru stabilisers prevent shoulder straps distortion when top stabilisers are tightened
    • U Flow by interlinked bottom tensioners

    Unique features

    • Expedition-proven with optional Expedition Balance Pockets
    • 14 cm Back-length adjustment
    • Twin stabiliser take-offs
    • 2 lid pockets
    • Lid extendable & removable
    • Web front compression & Loc-Loops to secure vertical tools
    • Built-in attachments for crampons, snowboard, helmet(V.7)


    • Other sizes of On-Adjust Shoulder Straps
    • Expedition Balance Pockets & Balance Gear Racks
    • Balance Bags
    • X Flow chest straps
    • Lasso-loc Straps
    • Ski Straps
  • Cm: W 40 D 25 H S 80/ L 90
    Litres: S 70 L 77
    Kilos: S 1.8 /1.9 L 1.85 / 1.95 (Std/+ liners)
    Load to: 25 kg (Increase by using Balance Pockets or Balance Bags)
    Colour: Green/grey

    CODE: LL-S, LL-L
  • Fitting Hipbelts, Shoulder Straps & Adjusting Backlength If Required

    Backlength Adjustment with Balance Pockets On

    Function & Adjustment of Load Transfer Tubes


“Just finished a 5 day solo loop round Ruapehu with my Load Limo packed with good food, a generous quantity of liquid fuel and a solo tent, so I was not travelling ultra light. This was its first realistic test. I'd spent some time familiarising myself with it and taking the trouble to adjust the shape of the metal stays and the hip belt angle, but I was still apprehensive that it wouldn't live up to the hype. Well, it came through with flying colours on days that were cloudless and hot. It did just what it was supposed to do. In my endless search for tramping gear Nirvana (with no expense spared), I've had top-of-the-range packs from several manufacturers, but they all ended up inflicting the same discomfort in the same areas. Sure, I had aching muscles from the exertion, but for the first time ever, gone were the sore hips and shoulders. So I never felt the need to resort to those tricks you see in tiring trampers - holding onto the front of the shoulder straps to take the pressure off the shoulders, reaching behind to lift the sack from below or fidgeting with the hip belt to stop the pinching or the slipping.
What I really like about your hipbelt is that it can be made to fit the pelvis and wrap around and over it snugly for even weight distribution irrespective of the tilt of the pelvis, which can vary a lot between individuals. On most conventional belts, there's a trade off between having enough weight on the hips and needing to tighten the belt to a degree that sooner or later becomes uncomfortable.
Walking upright was a welcome novelty. I loved being effortlessly able to look up and around (as we normally do) rather than feeling forced to look at the ground by constantly walking in a stooped position, especially as you're tiring towards the end of the day. Breathing and recovering from a steep climb was also easier because the diaphragm and lower front ribs are not compressed and restricted.
With those front Balance Pockets putting on and taking off the sack takes a little getting used to, and the adjustment buckles aren't as readily accessible as on conventional packs, but the small effort to adapt really pays off. They never got me hot and they didn't swing round wildly or feel unstable. Having them meant no more reaching behind to fumble for a snack, stuffing things into trouser pockets or asking someone to fish something out of the lid pocket.
In short, my long search for tramping packs stops here. Great product - thanks!”
Chris Fetto, Osteopath, Torbay, Auckland, NZ

“I find the concept of having the center of gravity of the body and the load along the same line is brilliant. I have a back problem. It has been recurring for 3 years now. This year, just a month ago, I had a spinal spasm. Severe pain lasted only 3 days. Previously, it took over a month to loose the pain. My physiotherapist says, “Your back was much stronger and posture much better, what have you been doing for it?” I tell her about my new Aarn pack and show her the brochures and literature. She’s very impressed. Her prescription for me: “you just keep walking and tramping and using your Aarn pack, that combination is the perfect balance for your back situation.”
Paul Kilgour, Takaka, South Island, New Zealand