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Balance Gear Racks

The beauty of the Balance Gear Racks is that it takes the weight of your climbing hardware off your shoulders and put it onto the front of your hipbelt, balancing the pack load on the back of the hipbelt. Magic!

Clip climbing hardware on the front of your pack eliminating the leverages on your shoulders. 

The Gear Racks replace gear slings which place all the weight on your shoulders.

The Gear Racks attach to the shoulder straps and the hipbelt of your pack in the same way as Balance Pockets.

Additional connectors to the sides of the hipbelt further stabilise the racks.

Tech Specs

Ergonomic positioning of climbing gear for quick access 

Climbing hardware now counter-balances weight in pack 

Climbing stability increased 

Colour - Grey

Cm - H 35 W6 D3

Grams - 202 /pair

They fit the following pack models: Liquid Agility, Natural Exhilaration, Mountain Magic, Peak Aspiration, Guiding Light, Effortless Rhythm, Load Limo, Featherlight Freedom, and Natural Balance.

Size Guide

One Size

Grams -202 /pair