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Peak Aspiration

  • Peak Aspiration is our most popular Stronglite. Our Stronglites are designed to take your gear into the world's remotest places comfortably and reliably. They are tough, dynamic, multi-functional.  Fully featured, they allow you to carry a wide variety of adventure tools for diverse conditions and multiple activities. Add Balance Pockets for natural balance, pain relief and load-carrying efficiency. Choose the specific Balance Pockets, Bags or Racks that match your activity and volume requirements. The Stronglites have proven themselves in the roughest backcountry and on the world's highest mountains.


    Our frame architecture combines a 7005 alloy rod hourglass-shaped frame with 1 horizontal hollow 6001 T6 aluminium stay. This maintains the slim profile when the pack is stuffed full yet the stretch back-panels can auto-mould to your back shape when the hipbelt is done up. Backpanel ventilation is outstanding with a suspended mesh backpanel.


    • 3 sizes, S ,M, L 
    • Length and angle micro adjustable to allow a perfect match to your pelvic size and shape
    • Dual-adjust hipbelt tensioning allows fine-tuning of the hipbelt shape
    • Hipbelt moves with you with  U Flow pivot and interlinked side stabilisers


    • Adjustable back-length with 14cm range that allows back-length shortening with the pack on, to allow a precision fit to a wide range of body sizes
    • Breathable stretch 3D mesh that auto-moulds to the slope of your shoulders
    • Flow-Thru stabilisers prevent shoulder straps distortion when top stabilisers are tightened
    • U Flow by interlinked bottom tensioners


    Litres:     S 50 M 55 L 60

    Kilos:      S 1.42/ 1.49  M:  1.46/ 1.55   L: 1.51/ 1.6 (Pack/+ liners)

    Load to:  17 kg (Increase by using Balance Pockets or Balance Bags)

    Back length range:  S / M / L

    Colour:  Green/Grey

    Code:  PA-S,  PA-M,  PA-L


    Main:     500D nylon Kodra 

    Contrast:      210D nylon ripstop

    Bottom:      210D Dyneema Gridstop

    Liners:      190T nylon


    • Butterfly Shoulder Straps S, L
    • Balance Pockets & Gear Racks
    • Balance Bags
    • X Flow Chest Straps
    • Lasso-Loc Compression Straps
    • Litres:     S 50 M 55 L 60

    • Kilos:      S 1.42/ 1.49 M: 1.46/ 1.55 L: 1.51/ 1.6 (Pack/+ liners)

    • Load to:      17 kg (Increase by using Balance Pockets or Balance Bags)

    • Backlength range:      S / M / L 

    • Colour:      Green/Green

    • Code:      PA-S, PA-M, PA-L


    • Flow Frame gives a slim side profile to reduce shoulder leverages
    • Bio-Fit Shoulder Harness
    • Lid extendable & removable
    • Lid can be used as a bum bag
    • 1 front and 2 side stretch pockets
    • Web front compression + hyperlon reinforcing & Loc-Loops to secure vertical tools
    • Front snowboard carry
    • Side Lasso-Loc Compression Straps + hyperlon reinforcing for ski carry
    • Built-in attachments for skis, snow shovel, helmet & crampons (V.6)
    • Twin trekking pole attachment in front and behind
    • Twin ice axe attachment
    • Waterproof resistant dry liner
    • Hydration exit and attachment loop
    • Pack-raft compatible

  • Fitting Hipbelts, Shoulder Straps & Adjusting Backlength If Required

    Backlength Adjustment with Balance Pockets On

    Attaching X-Flow Straps


“The Peak Aspiration is the most comfortable pack I have ever worn—period. Not long after I left the car the first time I used the pack I was heard to say ‘I don’t even feel as if I’m wearing a pack’. Later, I lent the pack to a friend for a trip—his feedback to me was: ‘you don’t carry that pack—you wear it’”.
Mark Watson, Editor, NZ Climber magazine

"Peak Aspiration with Sport Balance pockets has opened up a whole different world of backpacking. I can actually hike all day without upper body fatigue. Walking in a natural, balanced posture while carrying weight is absolutely amazing and light years ahead of all other packs. I don’t understand why such a basic, fundamental concept as balance hasn’t caught on. I tell anyone who is interested on the trail that once you experience a balanced load you will never go back to a traditional pack. Too many people worry about weight and not at all about balance - which is fundamentally more important. The whole system has been so well thought out and executed in terms of attention to detail and quality. Just the slight cupping of the hip belt makes a huge difference in terms of all day comfort. The idea of a Balance Pack is one thing, but if the design and execution aren’t there, all else is futile. In this regard, Aarn has succeeded by far. I’ve wanted to tell you this for the past two years, but have been too busy actually enjoying hiking".
Jeff Clopp, New Jersey, USA