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Our patented balancing technology is the heart of load-carrying efficiency.  Balance Bags fit on any brand of pack to greatly reduce or eliminate the leverages on your shoulders and back arising from the offset load of the backpack. Reducing the forces acting on the body results in much healthier and more comfortable load carrying.  In addition, the instant access to gear needed often and quickly during the day allows you to move more efficiently through the terrain without needing to stop to access gear.

They also work well on Aarn Packs and are a useful alternative to  Balance Pockets when they need to be taken off or put on frequently and easily. Aarn pack designs add to the efficiency of the Balance  Bags, because they incorporate both slim side profiles (keeping the pack load closer to the back) and U Flow systems(allowing free movement). Sports Science findings show that it is the synergistic combination of these 2 factors that creates this minimal effort load carrying.