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Balance Pockets Compact

  • Sized for maximum agility & forward vision on small Aarn packs
    • Holds 2 x 1L bottles plus snacks etc 
    • 2 outside mesh pockets
  • Fabrics - 500D Kodura, 100D ripstop nylon
    Colour - Grey / Green
    Cm - H: S: 25/ L : 30, W: 15, D: 11
    Litres - 7 / pair
    Grams - 290 / pair

    CODE - BPC

"I was initially reluctant to wear the Balance Pockets because of the way they looked. The Compact Pockets match my Peak Aspiration pack, so I tried them. I found I was able to carry more weight than I usually would, but it felt like I was carrying my usual weight. There was no soreness in the shoulders. When the Balance Pockets were fastened in the recommended X configuration, they sat comfortably and were stable even when clambering over rough terrain. The Pockets were very convenient. Because I carried the items I was likely to use in the Balance Pockets, it meant I didn't need to remove my pack to access those items."
Alison Hamilton, Wellington, NZ