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Effortless Rhythm

  • Effortless Rhythm is the dual compartment model in the Stronglite family, which is designed to take your gear into the world's remotest places comfortably and reliably. It's tough, dynamic, multi-functional and highly water-resistant. Fully featured, it allows you to carry a wide variety of adventure tools for diverse conditions and multiple activities. Add Balance Pockets for natural balance, pain relief and load-carrying efficiency. Choose the specific Balance Pockets, Bags or Racks that match your activity and volume requirements. The Stronglites have proven themselves in the roughest backcountry and on the world's highest mountains.
    • Hydration exit and attachment loop
    • 2 Water resistant dry liners, one for each compartment
    • Web front compression + Loc-Loops to secure vertical tools
    • Twin trekking pole attachment in front or behind
    • Twin ice axe attachment
    • Built-in attachments for skis, crampons, shovel, snowboard, helmet 
    • Pack-raft compatible 

    Flow frame

    Pelvic-Form hipbelt:

    • 3 sizes, S ,M, L 
    • Length and angle micro adjustable to allow a perfect match to your pelvic size and shape
    • Dual-adjust hipbelt tensioning allows fine-tuning of the hipbelt shape
    • Hipbelt moves with you with U Flow pivot and interlinked side stabilisers

     Shoulder harness:

    • 3 sizes S, L  
    • Adjustable back-length, 18cm range
    • On-Adjust buckle allows back-length shortening with the pack on to allow a precision fit to a wide range of body sizes
    • Breathable stretch 3D mesh that auto-moulds to the slope of your shoulders
    • Twin stabiliser take-off options with 5cm height difference for a precision fit
    • Flow-Thru stabilisers prevent shoulder straps distortion when top stabilisers are tightened
    • U Flow by interlinked bottom tensioners


    • Alternative sizes of On-Adjust Shoulder Straps 
    • Sport, Photo and Expedition Balance Pockets & Gear Racks 
    • Universal, Camera and Travel Balance Bags 
    • X Flow chest straps 
    • Lasso-loc Straps 
    • Ski Straps
  • Cm: W 40 D 25 H S: 75 / L: 85
    Litres: S 66 L 72
    Kilos: S 1.82 / 1.9 L 1.92 / 2 (Std/+ liners)
    Load to: 22 kg (Increase by using Balancing systems)
    Colour: Green/ grey

    CODE: ER-S, ER-L
  • Fitting Hipbelts, Shoulder Straps & Adjusting Backlength If Required

    Function & Adjustment of Load Transfer Tubes



"I broke my back some years ago (T7 and T8) and have problems now carrying weight for any length of time. I get a real pain like a knife stabbing me between the shoulder blades. But, not when using your Balance Pack design!"
Julian Daly, Nelson NZ

“Absolutely the most comfortable pack for my shoulders and neck that I have ever had in 25 years of tramping.”
Meg Kilvington, Christchurch, NZ

"Effortless Rhythm with its two frames could have been designed for me personally. Many years ago I had a small accident involving a bomb as a result I have less muscle mass on one side of my back than on the other. Being able to customise the frames separately means it is the first pack that really fits like a glove."
Hamish Alkman, Limoges, France